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Open Cast Call for Juliet

Nick Krause from George Clooney’s “Descendants”

as Romeo

…introducing Emmarose



A modern Romeo & Juliet tale


Set in a secluded corner of an area just north of San Francisco, is a small enclave known for producing the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. European winemakers settled in the area. It is a rarely visited spot in Sonoma partly because of its damp and cooler climate along the cliff-lined Pacific shore. Known as the Russian River Valley, the area is shrouded in a daily fog which rolls in from the coast cooling the valley and creating the ideal climate for grapes to produce just the right amount of sugar to make ideal appellations. It is here...the story unfolds.

Bella Thorne (Disney’s "Shake it Up!") is attached to play Juliet in this modern version of "Romeo & Juliet".

Rutger Hauer

“Hitcher”, “Bladerunner”, “Batman Begins”, & True Blood (season 6)

as The Professor

John Savage

“The Deer Hunter”, “Hair", “The Thin Red Line”, and “The Godfather III”.

“CoExistence” in Pre-production

“CoExistence” in Pre-production

Jackie Kong & Crew shoot Visual Effects and Background Plates for “CoExistence”

See Sonoma VFX Production Pictures

The VFX Shoot has already begun

The VFX Shoot has already begun

Sonoma VFX Shoot The Search for Juliet is Over

Click Here Pics

Daryl Hannah

“Kill Bill”, “Bladerunner”, and “Splash”

as Magnolia (Romeo’s mother)

About the Director

About the Director

Jackie Kong

Veteran Film Director & Producer, “Blood Diner” and “Night Patrol”...

About the Producers

About the Producers

Paola Marzotto


Jeff Olan

Casting Director

Associate Producer,

“Pulp Fiction”, “Grey’s Anatomy”…

Richard Holland

Production Designer

(Hop, Last of the Mohicans…)

What’s being said on the Web about CoExistence?

(Click on Pics Below):

The Director Speaks!

Location Scout

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as Leone Moldavi

(Head of the Moldavi Clan)